Naming of the Awards

Naming of the Awards

Naming of the Local Government Women's Awards


We are honoured to announce that the two prestigious awards celebrating women in local government have been named in memory of two remarkable female leaders who made significant impacts on the local government sector.

These awards are a tribute to the enduring legacies of Rhonda Hardy and Evelyn Parker, two extraordinary women who paved the way for future generations of female leaders in local government.

Both awards reflect the values and vision of these extraordinary women. They serve as a tribute to their enduring contributions and a reminder of the potential that lies within every woman to lead and inspire.

May their dedication, vision, and commitment to local government, education and leadership continue to inspire and empower women across the sector.

The Rhonda Hardy Women of Excellence Award

This award is named in memory of Rhonda Hardy, a successful CEO dedicated to local government with a passion for education and promoting the potential of women. Rhonda was a passionate advocate for women in leadership, believing in their innate ability to lead with empathy and strive for equity and inclusion.

The Evelyn Parker Women of Excellence Award

In honour of Evelyn Parker, this award recognises the vital role of female elected members in representing the diverse needs of local communities. Evelyn was a trailblazer in local government, becoming the first female Mayor in WA and jointly holding the title of first female Mayor’s in Australia with Dr Ella Stack of Darwin. Evelyn paved the way for future generations.


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